The seed

The market as a whole, has always been a fertile ground for different ideas and hard work. In 2002, Amazon Mix began to germinate in Caruaru. The first franchise store adopted the fast-food activity model, with natural products specialty such as açaí and energetic juices.

The public good acceptance was the feedback necessary for the Amazon Mix fortify its roots and spread even more seeds not only in Caruaru, but other cities in the region, implementing the concept and franchise application in its expansion strategy .

With the spread of the Amazônia Mix franchises throughout the Northeast, we started to receive requests to buy our products from big supermarket chains, convenience stores and snack bars. Not only from our country, but from countries scattered all over the continents. All of this is due to the quality of our products which are developed with selected fruits, because we care about our consumers, who are always worried about eating in a healthy and tasty way.


The Amazon Fruits Group has two operational centers. One of them, located in Castanhal-PA, is where the group’s industrial park is centered, which has its own açaí planting, ensuring greater quality control of the fruits. Combining sustainability to the manufacturing process, the physical residues is reused to fertilize the soil and generate energy for the industry.

The products are distributed in the Caruaru center to many Amazon Mix franchises, as well as many other companies that are supplied with the Amazonia Fruits açaí. The administrative part, sales and logistics are centered in Caruaru, ensuring complete integration of processes, as rapid service and delivering.